I Am Art I Am

IamArtIam is a service provider to those individuals who are seeking to tap into their full potential in the fields of Performing and Promotion. It is the intention that these goals be reached with the highest levels of integrity and sincerity.

Performance Coaching:
So you've got talent right? Well what are you doing with it?
What is your desire or purpose behind or within that talent? 
Do you think you are tapping into your full potential as an artist/performer? 
Most are not and that is what separates Entertainers from Superstars. 

Identify and showcase your real essence and give an audience what it really wants from you.

Production Consulting:
From the first look to the bows of your show. Together we can create a show that will get you noticed. Even better is that your show will get you noticed as you! 

Prepare yourself to be Interesting, Engaging, Relevant, Marvelous and Memorable.

Who is your audience? 
What does it take to build a fan base and an audience? 
Which are the most ideal venues for what you do?
When is your target for success?
How do you keep the momentum going?

Alex Leonard

Talent Identification

Performance Coaching

Stage Presence

Vocal Placement

​Body Language

Image Consulting

Production Consulting





David Vernon